Celebrate your event with our sublime live portrait-experience from world class photographers. An homage to a century of photography, and an alternative to the traditional photo booth.

Blanc. Where everyone looks good.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

– Annie Leibovitz

The reason this looks different to any photo booth you might have seen is that it's... not a booth.

There's no cold robotic interface running the show, with an operator sat to the side looking at their watch before reluctantly handing you a feather boa and wondering when they can go home.

Your booth is run by world class photographers bringing out the best in your subjects and the result is an impossible world away from any standard booth, where instead of relying on them interacting with a tacky object, they're interacting with an experienced, internationally awarded photographic portrait artist.

Imagine annie leibovitz photographing your guests.

Not a photobooth - better.

Not only to you get world class portraits that would make the most discerning photography afficionados swoon, we have built a world-first system that uploads everything live. As in, there, and then... retouched and all.

It's an extraordinary technical feat that sits at the intersection of insanity and great service, and the end result is what matters most: you sharing out of this world images of people you love, the very next morning.

And without a quality compromise in sight.

Next-week deliveries are passé.

Same-day delivery.

3: throw down

The process

1: Book online

2: Add extras

Enjoy the best day of your life, and enjoy receiving your full gallery, professionally edited, the very next morning.

Confirm your event details with us in your own custom portal.

Add our signature portrait books to your order for yourself, and your family.

20 years of combined world-class portrait experience

Despite the above, distinctly youthful vigour

A love of all people of all kinds

Objectivity empathy, and unhinged enthusiasm

We believe

We bring

That everyone deserves an image of themselves they love

That a great photographer can bring this out of any person

That an environment like your wedding is a fabulous opportunity to give that to yourselves and your loved ones

That a traditional photobooth is no substitute for the beautiful direct exchange between themselves and a real photographer

We are Eric Ronald and Oli Sansom. Internationally awarded portrait and wedding photographers, commissioned on every continent from Australia to Antarctica (and the ones way more up north). We begun BLANC from a shared love of the simple purity of classic portraiture.


Oli Sansom


Eric Ronald


Melbourne, Australia (will travel)

BLANC. The live studio portrait experience for events and weddings.

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